1st April - 7th April 2002

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Hello again everybody welcome to the next installment in the "Life of Abigail", my first spring chapter. Well I can safely say that Easter has now come and gone, and I got a lovely Easter egg and Easter chick from my Auntie Cath. The chick is a little knitted thing which would fit nicely on my hand if Mummy let me play with it. I will soon suck it to death as I do everything else at the moment. Unfortunately for me Mummy confiscated my egg and ate it herself, as I am not allowed to have chocolate yet. You wait Mummy I will eat your egg one year..... I was saving that for a few months time when I can eat anything and everything.

This week has been fairly quiet really after last weeks escapades, but I seem to be getting out into the big wide world a little more with Mummy and Daddy (mainly Mummy though as Daddy is away at work). I think I went out on Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Saturday and Sunday.... I have been shopping with Mummy, which is good fun, but would be better if I was trying the clothes on. I had a short trip to the hospital, as my blood test that that nurse took had a problem and they wanted to double check it, so I went back to hospital to have my blood taken. It seems I have such podgy little feet now that heel pricks do not work very well as a source of blood. Luckily the test at the hospital all turned out fine, so Mummy and Daddy could stop worrying. I visited my Auntie Cath on Thursday and all sorts of places with Mummy and Daddy at the weekend, but all good fun.

My oxygen is still up at 200cc/min as I have not had a trace done and the one we did last week was not very good when I was on 150cc/min. Mummy thinks this was due to my cold and the fact that the oxygen level did not stabilise properly. So I have been on 200cc all week and hopefully the next trace will turn out a bit better and we can go back down to 150cc again. It is much nicer for me really but there is no point trying to push too hard to get it down. I have been officially classed as disabled, at the moment whilst I am on oxygen, as Mummy and Daddy now get something called "disability living allowance". Poor me... Lets hope this does not last too long. I have not been weighed this week as they had so much trouble getting blood out of me all I wanted was to be cuddled and comforted by my Mummy.

I have not had many e-mails off anybody after my plea for some new e-mails so I can record the addresses again, so please do try and find the time, as my silly Daddy managed to loose all my e-mails and all my contacts. The address is abigail@abigailns.co.uk. Hopefully next week will see a few more things to tell you as I am supposed to be having one of my first big trips out.. More fun and frolics in Abi land next time.

sm2002_0401ab.jpg (111013 bytes) sm2002_0401af.jpg (74600 bytes) sm2002_0401aj.jpg (122705 bytes)
Daddy has begun to call me MiniMe...!!!! Uncle Alex, your hair looks like you have been attached to the mains... Somebody else to cuddle me, 
you can never have too many people you know...
sm2002_0401ao.jpg (107275 bytes) sm2002_0403ab.jpg (111297 bytes) sm2002_0403ac.jpg (117958 bytes)
Now where has that rattle gone,
I'm sure it is under here somewhere...
Having Fun.... Oh.... Mummy I think I need you...
sm2002_0404ab.jpg (73512 bytes) sm2002_0405aa.jpg (131019 bytes) sm2002_0405ab.jpg (133926 bytes)
Who said you could take a picture... Me enjoying my first spring sunshine in the garden  Mummy I look like a Toilet Roll Cover....
sm2002_0406aa.jpg (151322 bytes) sm2002_0407ac.jpg (118289 bytes) sm2002_0407ad.jpg (110326 bytes)
Another exhausting journey over.... How do you like my nice new babygrow.. Very kindly donated to the Abigail Clothing Mountain by a nice lady called Rekha (one of Daddy's colleagues)
sm2002_0407ae.jpg (113729 bytes) sm2002_0407af.jpg (95903 bytes) sm2002_0407ag.jpg (93167 bytes)
As you can see she must have good taste,
it really suits me.
Super Abigail What an Angel.....!!!!

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