18th March - 31st March 2002

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Welcome back everyone, it is yet another installment in the busy little life of Abigail Hope.....

I am really sorry for the complete lack of updates over the past few of weeks, it really is entirely down to problems outside our control. Hopefully they are now nearly resolved and you can get back into getting new regular updates on my progress. The past couple of weeks whilst we have been off the air have been quite fun packed and eventful really.

Well I have been very busy since my last update, I have been weighed twice. On the 18th March I was just a little under 11lbs at 10lbs 15 ozs and by the 25th March I was up to a staggering 11 lbs 3 ozs more than 10lbs heavier than when I was born. Mummy and Daddy are now beginning to struggle holding me up for the same length of time that they used to. What am I going to do, I will have to get more people in to cuddle me more and spread the load. Grandma and Grandpa brought me a new toy to play with, hopefully it will help my sitting and back muscles to develop.... It is really good with lots to do, see and touch.

I have also been out a lot more in the past couple of weeks as Mummy gets more confident about going places and I get bigger. We have been to visit a friend of mine called Georgina, who was in hospital with me for a while. It was great to see her again and we are still both a similar size. We also went out to visit Auntie Maria and Uncle Colin and my cousins for the weekend. Our first trip away from home for a couple of nights whilst Daddy was away with some friends of his. I ask you away all week at work and then goes away for the weekend too, what is a girl to think !!!! For the second week, my cousin Briony came to stay with us and help look after me. This has meant even more cuddles than usual, and somebody else for me to chat away to in my little cooing language. We were able to visit the shops as well with Briony and went clothes shopping for me in the large shopping centre (Mall) and a couple of other shops. I have also managed to fit in 2 visits to see my cousin Matthew, one to walk along the front in the sun in my new push chair and the other to play with him. My new pushchair is great as I get to see so much more than my pram, where all I can see is the sky. The only downside is that people can see me and make comments about my tubes to Mummy. Poor me, they will not be there that long you know..... We also went for a long walk in the wood with my new pram, you should have seen all the bumps and bouncing I had to sit through, Mummy really should pick her paths a little better or I may get pram sick.....

All the last week I have had a cold, with lots of runny noses, coughs and sneezes. It has got so bad that they have decided to turn up my oxygen just to be on the safe side. Luckily it looks like I am over the worst of it and Mummy and Daddy are going to do a trace to see if I am doing OK, that should be tomorrow. I have felt very poorly at times and it does not help that Mummy also thinks I am beginning to get my teeth coming through as I seem to be dribbling so much more than I used to and try and chew on things.

Hopefully we can get back to normal updates soon, please be patient. Hope you enjoy the pictures.

sm2002_0318AA.JPG (79854 bytes) sm2002_0318AC.JPG (72429 bytes) sm2002_0319AA.JPG (88773 bytes)
I need my sleep you know... Still getting in my Winnie the Pooh outfit... That will be 10p please for the picture !
I will sign it later...
sm2002_0319AB.JPG (86534 bytes) sm2002_0319AC.JPG (112059 bytes) sm2002_0319AD.JPG (119911 bytes)
Pretty in Pink 2... Look at my nice new toy. I do like bright colours, quite lucky really...
sm2002_0319AE.JPG (72100 bytes) sm2002_0320AA.JPG (81954 bytes) sm2002_0320AC.JPG (72617 bytes)
Grandma, I look like a beached whale !! Is anybody going to cuddle me.
Pretty please..
Do you like my nice pink dress ?
sm2002_0320AD.JPG (70319 bytes) sm2002_0321AA.JPG (80817 bytes) sm2002_0321AB.JPG (82053 bytes)
Maybe if I pull here I can hide behind it ? It does seem that most of my wardrobe is pink...
Or has pink on it....
Me and my friend Winnie....
sm2002_0321AC.JPG (68451 bytes) sm2002_0325AB.JPG (117986 bytes) sm2002_0325AE.JPG (87877 bytes)
Bored...... We off to see the wizard the wonderful....
Maybe he can get rid of these bunny ears ?
Hmmmmmm, how can I get another cuddle....
sm2002_0325AF.JPG (80389 bytes) sm2002_0326AA.JPG (103148 bytes) sm2002_0331AA.JPG (105339 bytes)
This is a bit of a funny bed.... My attempt at Gardening, I fell asleep. 
Maybe I am not cut out for manual work ?
Glow in the dark pajamas so Mummy 
can find me easily !!!!

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