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!!! Latest Update 27/04/03. Information up to the end of March 2003. !!!


Welcome back to the Abi at Home website. Finally I have let my Daddy have time to put this update in place. I am sorry that I have kept him away from doing this for so long but I really needed him to play with me as much as possible as I am now such a big girl and am even able to talk to him now. I am really sorry that the website has not been updated for so long but hopefully you will find the updates worthwhile and of interest.

Hopefully from now on he can grab at least some time each month to provide a quick update

You can use the navigation calendar below to go to visit any of the daily pages or the purple buttons to go back to the Home Page or to the Hospital Website. I hope you all continue to enjoy the website and any comments or suggestions for any additions or features please just contact me using the e-mail link on the Home Page.

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We now have a new web site, of my very own. So you can get to me at www.abigailns.co.uk as well as the old address www.abigail.n3.net

Contact me at abi@abigailns.co.uk.


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