8th April - 14th April 2002

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Welcome back to Abiland again. This week has been very hectic again for little old me. Grandma and Grandpa came to visit and we went out to a nearby town, where Grandma tried to buy me some clothes all to no avail. Then on Tuesday the nurse visited again to check up on me. I was weighed again and now weigh a massive 12lbs 1˝oz. Daddy called me a right little bloater, how cruel I am still nice and slim and well proportioned really. We then did a trace on Tuesday night and I did really well. 9mins 50sec below 95% oxygen saturation and 5mins 20sec below 93%. The doctors thought I had done well enough and recovered from my cold sufficiently that my oxygen could be turned back down again to 150cc per minute. This made Mummy and Daddy very pleased as it means I am progressing again towards not having any oxygen at all. Mummy and Daddy have been trying out some new stickers for my tubes. As you may be able to see no more white tape and they are lovely and small too, which makes the pictures so much nicer.

On Thursday Mummy had a friend come over to see her and they brought Daniel, who is a baby boy, a little younger than me but just about the same in corrected age. he was nice and we played together. I must say he seems quite nice and hopefully will come over again when we are a bit bigger and I can compete for attention. He is much louder than me, I could not get a word in edge ways and he wore me out with all his energy. I am such a quiet little thing really....

Then we came to the highlight of the week for me a whole day out with Mummy and Daddy at a wedding, I got dressed up in my best frock (that fits me anyway) and travelled a long way to go to this big party thing, and everybody came to look at me and see how I was getting on. Everybody commented how well behaved I was and that I made such a little amount of noise, well compared to all the other babies anyway. We had lots of pictures taken and Mummy danced with me at the disco in the evening which was great fun, luckily we had been practicing at home before hand so I knew what to expect.. We finally got home way past my normal bedtime and I was so tired out from all the partying that I fell swiftly to sleep and did not wake up again until morning.

I will leave you with some of my pictures for the week, hope you enjoy them, see you all soon.

sm2002_0408ab.jpg (120006 bytes) sm2002_0408ac.jpg (109521 bytes) sm2002_0408ad.jpg (115198 bytes)
Grandpa, stop tickling me..... I'll explode if I do this long enough.. Super Babe
sm2002_0409aa.jpg (100247 bytes) sm2002_0410aa.jpg (96070 bytes) sm2002_0410ab.jpg (98454 bytes)
Eating is so tiring...!!!! More pictures Mummy... Does this angle make my feet look big ?
sm2002_0410ae.jpg (100105 bytes) sm2002_0411ab.jpg (117056 bytes) sm2002_0412ac.jpg (144671 bytes)
Passport photos R' US My friend Daniel How far in can I stick this rattle....
sm2002_0413ab.jpg (113736 bytes) sm2002_0413ac.jpg (122261 bytes) sm2002_0413ad.jpg (122302 bytes)
Aren't you ready yet Mummy... How much longer.... Me in my wedding outfit... Thanks Grandpa.
sm2002_0413af.jpg (201564 bytes) sm2002_0413ah.jpg (144595 bytes) sm2002_0413al.jpg (95558 bytes)
Me at a Wedding with Mummy and Daddy Relaxing after a hard day socialising. Disco dancing with Mummy..late into the night 
(9pm anyway)

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