Wednesday, 26th September 2001 - Day 41

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Well look at me in my pictures below, I have nice snazzy new dress on today which Grandma made me. As you can see it is a very nice blue flowery pattern, with big blue bows on the side. Everybody thinks it is gorgeous, as if I would be seen in anything else..... Thank you Grandma, I think I may need a couple more though as they need washing quite a bit.

I have been doing my usual of sleeping a lot today and the doctors have stopped my morphine completely now as I seem to be relatively calm and not messing around too much with my CPAP prong thing. It tickles though and makes me sneeze a lot. My sneezes are the loudest noises I make so I hate to think what they will be like later if that carries on. The doctors have also decided that my "Grow more" powder as Mummy calls it, is going OK so I can have some more with my milk. I am now up to 2gm per 100ml which does not sound a lot but the doctors have told Mummy and Daddy that it is quite strong and will make me get bigger quicker than just Mummy's milk on its own. They are going to give me some more Diuretics to help remove fluid in my lungs. I am not sure I want to wee any more than I do now, but I suppose they know best.

When Mummy and Daddy came in the evening, I was allowed out of my little room for a whole hour to cuddle up to Mummy. What fun that was, I tried to be very good and not wriggle around too much as this sets the alarms off. Luckily I was quite tired and slept for most of the time. However during my cuddle I tried to lick Mummy to find out what she tastes like and I must say I am not sure she tastes of anything. Maybe I have nothing to compare against as the only things I have tasted so far, is milk, Chocolate and Orange flavour Daktarin and water. Any way I enjoyed my cuddle and slept soundly afterwards all through the night.

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