Thursday, 27th September 2001 - Day 42

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You may notice that I am still in my dress from yesterday as Mummy cannot wash and iron my other clothes quickly enough for me to rotate everyday. When Mummy and Daddy came to visit today I was allowed out again and this time got a cuddle from Daddy, which was fine for a while but after about 30 minutes of lovely relaxing I began to get very hot and sweaty. Daddy is even warmer than the incubator, but I soon settled down again when the nurses got me a pillow to lie on instead. I do like the cuddles I get but do wish that my oxygen pipe was not quite so heavy as it looks like something out of a Sci-Fi film and pulls on my little nostrils. Just for comparison purposes you try attaching a pipe 6 feet long and and inch wide to the end of your nose and try and relax.

In addition to this I have now managed to get something called "nappy rash", all I know is that it itches and I have to wait ages between nappy changes and you cannot get your fingers past the top of the nappy. I wish I was back without the nappy, it was much easier, however I think that the mess maybe a little too much as I am tolerating 14ml of milk every 2 hours and it has to go somewhere.

Mr Duncan, the consultant who pulled me out of Mummy's tummy, came and saw me today. He has not been able to visit for quite a while as he told me he got stuck in Boston due to some problem with a few planes. However, he has seen me now and says I am making good progress. He also told Mummy and Daddy that if I ever get any brothers or sisters they maybe small like me.  I may get to see somebody else my size as everybody around here is still so much bigger.

One piece of important news today, I am my heaviest ever today at 828 gms and I am not bloated or anything, so hopefully it is a true weight. Mummy and Daddy seemed very encouraged by this but I am concerned about my bottom beginning to look big in my dresses and trouser suit. Lets hope it is going elsewhere....

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