Tuesday, 25th September 2001 - Day 40

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Well I have now reached the end of my 31st week and am nearly a whole 6 weeks old. I still very small and do not weigh very much so I have spent all day conserving my energy and sleeping. There really is very little else to occupy my tiny little mind so I sleep as I find this means that people do not disturb me very much. I do have the window seat in the Intensive Care unit so hopefully I can watch a few clouds go by and other stuff when my eyes get to be able to see more, at least that beats lying here all day everyday. As you can see in the pictures below I have a nice new outfit on today which was made again especially for me, smallest thing in the whole unit. Maybe one day another baby will come along that is smaller than me but I have not seen any yet and that would mean I would not get the same attention I do now. My outfit is a small one piece trouser suit made in a very tasteful stars and teddies pattern cloth. Mummy insists on calling it a jump suit but I think trouser suit is more grown up and sophisticated so I will call it that.

Mummy and Daddy came to visit me again today and Mummy washed my face and changed my nappy and then Daddy fed me some very warm milk, very nice especially when it is warm like that. I pushed and pushed for most of the early evening just to make sure that Mummy had something to do in cleaning me back up again. I would not want her to feel left out in any way, and it gives her a good view on what is happening to me. However all this nappy action means that I loose weight, but at least it is a little more accurate measure of my true weight.

Lets hope all this sleeping and eating are making me bigger, so I will leave you now and go back to sleep as all this dictation has worn me out.

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