Monday, 24th September 2001 - Day 39

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Hello again, I have had a very quiet day today and so I will not go on too long as I do not want to bore you all too much. I spent most of the day sleeping and trying to recover from my exersions of yesterday. I msut have managed this quite well as I am now a whole 815 grams  (or 279 grams/52% more than when I was born all those weeks ago). I am now as heavy as I have ever been even when I was all bloated up and I think I look much better than then.

I have added a new feature to the web site today and that is a complete weight graph since I was born so everybody can see how much my weight fluctuates. I am just in training for later in life......., just kidding Mummy.

You know I said yesterday that I wonder what it would be like being cuddled by Daddy, well he got his wish and I got my chance to hold on to him. See the pictures below. I must say I felt quite safe in his big hands and they and his chest are lovely and warm. I had quite good fun but got really hungry and told the nurses so by desaturating really low which seemed to worry Daddy for some reason. It is really easy Daddy all you do is stop breathing for a minute and hey presto the alarms go off. I can't wait for more of these cuddles as they are so warm and comforting for me.

Then one of the new doctors came along (they have just had a rotation whatever that is, maybe the whole hospital is on a turntable and they get off and get on at another point. It would certainly explain why the light comes and goes around my little room) and asked if I could be used as part of a study into Genes and problems that people like me suffer with and also if Mummy and Daddy would let me have a big girls brain scan before I left the hospital. I ask you what harm can it do, it is only another bit of blood between friends and this scan thing sounds fun as you get to see inside my head in great detail.

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