Monday, 26th November 2001 - Day 102

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Hello everybody, I can honestly say that today has been very quiet for me. I was given some extra drugs early this morning which kept me relaxed. Sedatives the nurses called them, sleep juice to me.... Very nice it was too, spark out all morning fast asleep breathing in my little room. Whilst all this was going on every so often I would wake up and have a look round and then back to sleep. I thought I was dreaming at first but no I was dressed up in my favourite bright red babygrow, owned by the hospital, but I may try and sneak out with it when I leave. Don't tell anyone....

But anyway back to my adventures, I was taken out of my normal room and placed in this other smaller room. I thought this is a bit much, the oldest baby in Unit and I get the smallest room, Mummy and Daddy obviously have not been paying the fees....but no I was pushed out of the unit, this is the first time I have left since arriving back in August and pushed across the road and into the X-ray unit. My first views of the outside world apart from out of the window. It looks fun, I can't wait to get out and have play. I was then placed in this big machine, much bigger than the normal scans they do. I fell asleep at this point and woke up on the way back to the unit. Lucky for me nobody had taken my spot by the window or my little room.

Mummy and Daddy could not believe it when they were told I had been whisked off for my MRI scan 3 days early, so I told them all about my little adventure and that I cannot wait to do it again with them. We will now have to wait a few weeks for the answers to the the scan they just did, so watch this space.

Mummy and Daddy visited me twice again today and I had lots of cuddles with Mummy and more attempts at being suffocated and annoying Daddy by pulling my low flow off my face. The first attempt at feeding today with Mummy was not so good as I was still groggy from the drugs in the morning so I made up for it later by sucking her dry...... You wait until I can do it properly.... I wonder if I can get out again at some point to see the trees. I was quite happy in my travel room with on site heating, oxygen and nurse and doctor in tow. They did not take me all round the gardens as I wanted but I suppose they may have been a little cold. Better luck next time !!!!

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