Sunday, 25th November 2001 - Day 101

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Welcome back again, I am now getting into difficulties counting the number of days I have been alive, these 3 digit numbers are very confusing for a little thing like me. Today has been quite slow compared to yesterdays events and celebrations. Mummy and Daddy visited with Nan today and she exclaimed how big I now was. She has not seen me for 4 weeks and then I was about 2 pounds lighter, if you do not keep up things happen really quickly round here.

I had 2 long cuddles with both Mummy and Daddy today out of my incubator on my low flow tubes. Mummy tried to suffocate me again but we are really getting in sync now and I had another good feed direct from Daisy......(Mummy's note : Daisy is my new nickname for when I express milk for Abigail, I am not particularly pleased about it but everybody else seems to think it is funny. Daddy told Abigail and now she is also calling me it).

Mummy and Daddy have noticed how much I seem to like being cuddled, as I breath better when I am out on Low Flow than in the incubator. It may be due to the 750cc/min of oxygen they pipe direct up my nose, but I think it is just that I feel comfortable and relax when they hold me, as I enjoy my cuddles a lot. I missed out on so many in my early days that I now have to make sure I make up for it. We now just have to get the amount of oxygen down to an acceptable level and I would probably manage to get home on it. But first things first, we need to get out of intensive care and back over to the cot side of the unit, so that is my next goal. I hope everybody comes to see me as much when I get moved as I will be much more accessible and user friendly......

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