Tuesday, 27th November 2001 - Day 103

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Welcome back again everybody. I have some more news for you today.... Guess what I am even bigger again. I was weighed again this morning and I am a whole 2794 gms or 6lbs 3oz, yes that's right over whole 6lbs......

Daddy told me I was a "real porker" whatever that might be. I assume it is not very nice. He came to see me early in the morning again so I apologise if this is a little late getting to you but as my secretary he seems to not treat his job with the devotion it deserves. I will have words with him and see if we can get a better system. I can't leave all you fans out there without your updates for so long. I am now on 46mls of milk ever 2 hours and I think this seems to have something to do with my weight, I might be wrong but I do not think so.

You may have noticed that in some of my recent pictures my nails are very long, one of the nurses had to peel one off today as I was scratching my face with it and would cut myself if not careful. Mummy has promised me that she would give me a manicure soon, so I shall look forward to that. I do not know exactly what it is but it sounds nice and pampering for a little girl like me.

Mummy had me out for a cuddle and tried to suffocate me again, and this time she nearly managed it too. I was quite happily sucking away when all of a sudden I opened my mouth to say something and got a massive mouthful of milk. This promptly when straight down the wrong way and I ended up in a chronic coughing fit, much to my surprise. I have not done that before so woke right up and with a start and spent the next 15 minutes getting over the shock. I do not think I will do that again as it is not nice and I turn a funny colour when it happens. However I managed to have another go and did so well that I did not get a top up from my tube at all, my first whole feed direct from "Daisy".

Today I am wearing a fetching line in horizontal strips, Mummy says some other baby has left it behind as it does not seem to be one of mine and is also not labelled with the hospitals logo. I wonder who else has been in here, I hope they were a girl as I would not want to be wearing a boys outfit.

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