Sunday, 23rd September 2001 - Day 38

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Well today has been yet another eventful day in the Life and Times of Abigail. It began uneventfully enough with me sleeping all morning mainly on my tummy. However Mummy and Daddy came in as they promised around lunch time and Mummy persuaded the nurses to bring me out for another cuddle. There I am expecting another nice normal cuddle when all of a sudden my Jim-Jams are whipped off and all I have left to hide my modesty is my nappy. I am then taken out of the nice warm incubator and given to Mummy. Not like last time when I got to relax on a pillow, this time it is pressed against her bare, well nearly bare, body. It feels nice and warm and I like feeling Mummy's skin under my little hands.

For the first time since I was born I got to feel a heart beat which was not mine, it is nice and rhythmic and quite relaxing. I could get used to these. It is a little on the chilly side though after my nice warm room with lots of blankets, next time Mum make sure you wear a warmer shirt or get one of my blankets from my room. Then I will even more relaxed and stay there longer, I wonder what Daddy will be like his hands are really warm when they touch me and he says he can't wait to have a cuddle. After a while I got a bit too chilly so they had to put me back into my room to warm back up.

As soon as that happened it was lunch time and I got fed again. There I was lying back waiting for the little tube with milk in to arrive and all of a sudden all these hands appear again, I thought I was being taken out again but no. The nurse sits me up and Mummy holds my CPAP tube and this massive Cup appears at my mouth, what am I supposed to do with that the cup is nearly as big as my head. The nurse tilts it up and I get to taste milk for the first time in any volume, so I decide that it must be a game and blow bubbles in it. However this does not seem to do anything and it tastes quite nice so I open my mouth a little more and some goes down my throat, what a shock, I nearly choked. However with a little more practice and encouragement I manage to get some more into my mouth and I even lap at it which the nurse says is very good for a first time. I must be a natural....

After all this exercise I spent the rest of the day recovering and trying to grow a bit more.

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