Saturday, 22nd September 2001 - Day 37

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After all of yesterdays escapades I am very tired today and have spent nearly the whole day sleeping and being woken up to be fed and have my nappy changed. I always go back to sleep as soon afterwards as I can as I find it helps my oxygen levels and means that the machine just above my head does not beep quite so much. The beeps really get on your nerves after a while I can tell you.

Mummy and Daddy came to visit twice today and brought along two more new people I had not met before, I felt a little shy today and decided that I would prefer to sleep whilst they looked on, however they brought me a nice new teddy with a little nurses uniform on. She is a bit bigger than my other one so much so that I could nearly fit in the outfit she wears. "Any one for doctors and nurses......". Thank you for my new toy, I do so like it, even if it is nearly as big as me. More for me to hug later. These new people (Paul and Eunice) are the first of Mummy and Daddy's friends to get to see me so I hope they enjoyed it, even if I was too shy to come out and perform. You will have to come back and see me again and I will do one of my little dances in the incubator, accompanied by the beep machine above my head. You wait and see how many alarms I can trip in one go....

I hope I am getting a bit bigger as my legs do not reach the bottom of the baby grow you can see me in and my hand is always getting lost down the arm and try as hard as I might I cannot get it back out again. Well I will leave you now to look at the pictures.

For all those people that have e-mailed me I am sorry for not writing back straight away but I have been a little tied up with my new ventilator, but promise I will write back as soon as I can get my little fingers on the keyboard, or Daddy gets better at taking dictation.

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