Sunday, 23rd December 2001 - Day 129

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Welcome back again, today was quite interesting and started really early for me. Mummy and Daddy visited me in the very early hours fo the morning when they returned from the wedding. I was fast asleep in my little cot with no headbox on as I had just been fed. What timing... They were able to talk to me and hold my hand and say good night. I sneaked a look at Mummy's dress, what a lovely green colour.. I can't wait until I can borrow it, hopefully I will be thin enough like Mummy and not the fat little thing that I am now.

Mummy and Daddy came back later on in the morning to feed me again. I had been sleeping all morning and but they managed to wake me up enough to feed nicely from Mummy. In the morning it was chaos in our room, nurses rushing everywhere, alarms going off all sorts. I had no idea what was going on at all, I will find out later.... All I know was that it took ages for me to be weighed and measured. I am now 49 cms long, a little bigger and according to the nurse weighed 3630 gms, Mummy and Daddy are not sure about this so we will try again tomorrow and see if we can get a more accurate weight which I will convert for you.

In the evening they came back again a brought me a visitor, Nanny. Oh what fun someone new to give me a cuddle. So I managed to get a cuddle from all 3 of them and this must have lasted at least 2 hours as the feed took at least 1 hours most of which time I spent fast asleep on Daddy's shoulder. All during this time I was having my Oxygen trace done which lasts 12 hours. Whilst I was on Daddy's shoulder I was constantly at 100% saturation so that must be good. I will tell you all the results tomorrow. The only thing Mummy and Daddy noticed was that I was coughing every so often and sounded funny when I breathed sometimes, a bit like cold. Mummy told me she was very worried about that and hoped that the headbox would clear it up like last week. We will see tomorrow if anything else comes of it.

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