Monday, 24th December 2001 - Day 130

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Hello again, everybody. The results of my trace are back, I was a very good girl over night and spent a whole 28 minutes below 95% saturation in over 12 hours of monitoring. Mummy and Daddy thought I was such a clever little girl. I averaged 98% over the whole period. Some people out there might be able to interpret this for me but all I know is that it is supposed to be good and they may turn down my gale force oxygen a bit. However the nurses over night commented on my coughing and heavy breathing so the doctors have decided to leave the oxygen alone for a bit just in case I do have a cold and means that I cannot get enough oxygen down into my tiny little lungs.

Mummy and Daddy got the nurse to re-weigh me and I have now officially grown to 2568 gms or 7lbs 14oz. My weight curve is going back up again, thank goodness. I do not know what happened yesterday, but it was definitely wrong. Unfortunately my cold seems to be continuing and every so often I have a little cough, Mummy and Daddy tell me it is a bit pathetic but what do they expect I am only little. My breathing is also quite bunged up sometimes, I do not know what is going on but I do not feel quite myself really.

Nanny visited again today and I wished her a happy Christmas, she may not have known I did but I did really. Hopefully she will come back again soon and we can have another cuddle. I will be heavier next time Nan so be prepared to work out before hand... Father Christmas visited me and gave me a teddy bear which was very nice and soft and nearly as big as me. He seems a little scary to me as he is so big and bright red, with a white beard. I am sure he is not though as he sounded quite nice. Everybody in the unit got a little bear so nobody missed out.

Mummy and Daddy visited again this evening and fed me, before I was put back in my headbox. I did not feed properly from Mummy as I was still not feeling to well and could not breath properly. So they fed me via my tube instead, I am lazy sometimes and like to be fed this way as I do not need to do anything. Daddy gets arm ache holding the syringe for so long and I get to have a cuddle and go to sleep. Mummy and Daddy tell me it is Christmas Day tomorrow and they will be bringing me lots of presents, more toys I hope... See you tomorrow, I can't wait to see what happens on my first Christmas....

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