Saturday, 22nd December 2001 - Day 128

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This Christmas thing is really big, everybody is talking about it, people are sending cards to all the babies. Hopefully I will get a few more too to put on the wall behind me. Today has been really quite dull for me today. Mummy and Daddy visited quite early in the morning, for them, I had already been awake twice having a feed. Once at 4:30am and again at 8:30am. They arrived and then left again nearly immediately. They told me they were going to a wedding, of My "Auntie" Anna to my soon tto be "Uncle" Kevin. I wish I could go as I do not know what a wedding is, but it sound quite fun and everybody would have been able to play with me. But unfortunately I am stuck in here with no visitors, and only the nurses to cuddle me.

The nurses were really nice to me today and kept me topped up with cuddles, but they can only be short ones as they have to go off ad deal with one of my friends here in our cot room. Amy and John Paul, who were in intensive care have come back to be with me again. They obviously missed the company I gave them. This is good as all the nurses know us all and we can make sure we keep them on their toes. We can send messages to each other using our monitors, 1 beep means yes, 2 means no etc. Takes quite a lot of control though so you sometimes tell each other the wrong things. It also gets the nurses going as they keep rushing from one baby to another.....

I have included a couple of pictures from the wedding which I thought were nice when Daddy showed me. Doesn't Auntie Anna look nice.... although I am not too sure about some of Daddies pictures.

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