Monday, 21st January 2002 - Day 158

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Welcome back yet again everybody, today has been quite eventful for me really. I have been breastfed all my feeds today since early this morning and have been doing quite well according to Mummy. My trace which I had done last night was very good and they are now considering not needing my headbox at all at night. Daddy came in early this morning and I tried to demist my windows around my head to see him better but to no avail. He just had to make do with looking through the little hole in the top.

Mummy has been in all day and told me she is going to stay overnight so she can also do my feeds then as well. I also went on a little trip so that I could be with her in her room here at the hospital, it is just down the corridor from where I am normally. However at 10pm the doctors realised I made a bid for freedom and got me wheeled back again as there was no record of somebody saying I could be without my headbox. I will have to have a word with the doctors in the morning as they spoiled my fun with Mummy, just when I was getting a little difficult..... I was also weighed again today and am still growing, 4150gms now, or 9lbs 2oz. Lets hope it carries on with my new feeding regime !!

Then much to my surprise Mummy appeared at 3:30am this morning and again at 8:15am to feed me, this is great I get fresh milk on tap when I want it....

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