Tuesday, 22nd January 2002 - Day 159

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Hello again today has been more of the same as yesterday but as soon as my headbox was off I was wheeled down the corridor to be with Mummy. Poor Mummy she had not even got dressed yet and had to look after me as well...

Lucky me, it looks like I will be able to spend the whole day and night, this time, with Mummy. Professor Whitelaw has given permission for me not to use my headbox, as long as another trace is done in 48hrs to see what effect it has had. No more steamy windows for me.... A poor girl can only clean them so many times at night so she can see what is going on.

My head was measured again today and it is now 36.3 cm, the old measurement I gave you a while ago seems to have changed. I will check the standard graphs to see where I am and get back to you all when I find out. The doctors have also mentioned that my weeing juice may be stopped, which would be great as it then means no more salts to add to my milk and less for Mummy to do when she gets me home. However the downside is a potential increase in oxygen requirement, which is no good at all as it means I would be in here longer still...... However they will think about it and discuss on the round tomorrow. It looks like I may have to continue with my grow more powder just to make sure I am growing at an acceptable rate. This afternoon, I was subjected to something horrible, as I have not opened my bowels in the last 2 days at all, I was given a pessary... Not very nice I can tell you, pushed just where you do not normally have things pushed... Yuck, I hope I do get anymore of those. Anyway I have fed from Mummy all day again today and have spent a lot of time awake so I will probably sleep quite well this evening, much to Mummy's relief. She has to get practice in sometime though.... I will probably wait until Daddy is here to just to make sure I have lots of energy to give them some fun at night... 

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