Sunday, 20th January 2002 - Day 157

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Apologies for the late update to the website since the 16th Jan, Daddy has been very remise and not been helping me out properly. He has made some feeble excuse about doing up my room for coming home, and the fact that he has spent a lot of time in here with me. So if you have missed my updates over the last few days, then I am really sorry, and hope you consider  coming back to see me again. Hopefully you will see the last few days of me in hospital, crossing my fingers and toes that everything carries on as it is at the moment. I will try and make sure Daddy does the updates properly every couple of days from now on so that you can all keep up to date.

Otherwise today has been fairly eventful for me after yesterdays troubles feeding from Mummy. The nurses have now decided that I can go onto demand feeding. This is when I cry I get fed and when I am asleep I am left asleep until I want more food. I could have great fun with this...!!!! Mummy fed me at lunch time today and I sucked away for ages and ages until I fell asleep for the rest of the afternoon, then just as I was beginning to stir again for more food there she was again ready and waiting with my nice milk supply. Very tasty..!!!!. I think I could get used to this demand lark quite quickly. It also means Mummy gets less upset with me when I do not feed properly. What does she expect when I am not really that hungry ? Anyway I am sure we will get our communication better as more feeding takes place.

Overnight last night I slept properly and was asleep for most of the night, not even being woken up for my feed which was pushed down my little nasal tube. Tonight we see if I am doing OK on my 400 cc of oxygen and if I still need my headbox at night, they will do another trace like last Sunday and measure how well I am breathing. I will update you tomorrow when we know the results. Mummy is keeping her fingers crossed as it may be an extra thing disappears that might effect me going home.

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