Friday, 18th January 2002 - Day 155

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Apologies for the late update to the website since the 16th Jan, Daddy has been very remise and not been helping me out properly. He has made some feeble excuse about doing up my room for coming home, and the fact that he has spent a lot of time in here with me. So if you have missed my updates over the last few days, then I am really sorry, and hope you consider  coming back to see me again. Hopefully you will see the last few days of me in hospital, crossing my fingers and toes that everything carries on as it is at the moment. I will try and make sure Daddy does the updates properly every couple of days from now on so that you can all keep up to date.

Welcome back again everybody, as you can see Mummy has learnt from yesterdays pictures that the insides of my nostrils are not my best feature and we have lots more pictures of me in my bouncy chair. It is great as long as somebody bounces me up and down. Other wise if I am left on my own it is very boring as nothing happens. As you can see I am also beginning to hold things properly, especially my little rattle which I love. Mummy also played with me on the play mat which is a bit hard but still quite fun.

I have been awake most of the morning and then slept from around 4:45 pm  until 8:30 pm when Mummy and Daddy came back to see me for the last time today. I have also had a temperature, which everybody is putting down to my immunisations, so I was given a bit more Calpol. It seems to work as I get to sleep really well when I get some. Mummy tells me I am now on the board in the community nurses office as "Soon to Be Discharged", hooray I must be making progress.....!!!!!

Later in the day Mummy found me a new friend, a cockroach seems to have got into my area, on the floor at least. Horrible looking thing it was, and the nurses soon got rid of it when they saw it. Mummy says that she and Daddy are going to stay in the hospital to look after me next weekend, and that I can be in the bedroom with them... Moor progress, soon be home hopefully. Please all keep your fingers crossed for me as I cannot wait to get home and see my room.

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