Saturday, 19th January 2002 - Day 156

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Apologies for the late update to the website since the 16th Jan, Daddy has been very remise and not been helping me out properly. He has made some feeble excuse about doing up my room for coming home, and the fact that he has spent a lot of time in here with me. So if you have missed my updates over the last few days, then I am really sorry, and hope you consider  coming back to see me again. Hopefully you will see the last few days of me in hospital, crossing my fingers and toes that everything carries on as it is at the moment. I will try and make sure Daddy does the updates properly every couple of days from now on so that you can all keep up to date.

Welcome back again everybody, today has unfortunately been very quiet for me. Mummy and Daddy came in at lunch time and Mummy tried to feed me, which I was not really very interested, much to Mummy's disappointment but I cannot help it when I am not that hungry. This happened again when they visited later in the evening as well but I took even less than at lunch time. Mummy said she was going to ask about demand feeding, whatever that might be. Hopefully she will explain it to me before something happens... I had lots of cuddles with Daddy, as you see by the pictures, and some sleep on his chest. Which is very comfortable for me as I fit nicely into his neck and my bottom gets supported by his arm. Very comfortable and warm I must say, my bed is cold in comparison.

My poor leg is still hurting from my immunisations, I do not know what has gone on down there but I do not want it to happen again. Do you like my dungarees, they are really nice and comfortable and I think they suit me, little pink flowers and a pocket on the front for those essentials. I hope Mummy can get me another pair when I grow out of these. See you soon.....


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