Thursday, 17th January 2002 - Day 154

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Apologies for the late update to the website since the 16th Jan, Daddy has been very remise and not been helping me out properly. He has made some feeble excuse about doing up my room for coming home, and the fact that he has spent a lot of time in here with me. So if you have missed my updates over the last few days, then I am really sorry, and hope you consider  coming back to see me again. Hopefully you will see the last few days of me in hospital, crossing my fingers and toes that everything carries on as it is at the moment. I will try and make sure Daddy does the updates properly every couple of days from now on so that you can all keep up to date.

Hello again, I must first say something about my pictures. Mummy has a very peculiar shooting angle which I do not think I like. Pictures of the insides of my nostrils and my double chin... How unflattering could a picture be of a little sweetie pie like me. (Mummy's words not mine...). Anyway please do not look at them as you really will get the wrong impression of me. I like the one at the bottom of me in my bouncy chair, much nicer. Anyway about today, I slept well overnight after Mumym and daddy left at 10:30 pm and woke up at 5:30 am. I was weighed again this morning and I am now a whole 9lbs, yes a whole 9lbs or 4kg. Just over 4kg at 4090 gms actually but it is close enough. This means that I am over 7 times my birth weight... Clever little me still growing at a good rate, my grow more powder is still obviously doing its trick. (Daddy's Note : Abigail has something called EOPROTEIN, added to her milk as a supplement, seems to do its job OK). My feeds have thus increased now to 109mls every 4 hours, my highest ever intake.

Unfortunately for me the doctors have finally caught up with me, I tried hiding in Intensive Care on Boxing day and then changing rooms to this one on my own to avoid them but today they caught me and gave me my second lot of immunisations. Poor me they stabbed me in both legs. It hurt a lot but luckily Mummy was there this time and held my hand and gave me a cuddle afterwards. I still cried a bit but tried to be brave as I would not want Mummy to think I was not a strong little thing... I was also given some Calpol, to make me feel better after the injections, all it did was seem to send me to sleep. Lets hope the pain in my legs goes away tomorrow and that there are no side effects...

Chrissie, one of my favourite nurses brought me in lots of toys to play with as she thought I needed stimulation. It is great I now have, in addition to the chair Mummy and Daddy brought in, a play mat, a thing to lie under and play with the toys, a radio, a really nice new mobile which has black and white spinny things on strings. It keeps me occupied for ages.

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