Wednesday, 16th January 2002 - Day 153

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Hello everybody, I am back in full glorious technicolour from my private room in the Special Care Unit of Southmead Hospital, Bristol. I have a nice window position and a nurse that I share with my single neighbour Harvey. Little Harvey also had RSV and like me is still in isolation until they are sure it has gone completely. Then we can rejoin the bigger ward and mingle with the other babies again. I much prefer my cot as Mummy can pick me up and put me down easily, I am not all hot and sweaty, at least during the day anyway and finally I have my toys back again, my mobile, and teddies.... What fun...

Mummy and daddy have brought in a little bouncy chair for me to sit in when I am fed up with lying in my bed. Hopefully the nurse will bouncy me in it when Mummy or Daddy are not here.

Really good news today, I have been so good that they have turned down my oxygen again and I am now at 400cc / min. Nearly at a level so that I can go home. All I really have to do now is start concentrating very hard at feeding both from a bottle and especially Mummy. I had a good couple of feeds from Mummy this afternoon, and as usual I get to have my little rests and bits of sleep in between courses..... Daddy came back today and fed me from a bottle, I had not seen him since early Monday morning so I was very pleased to see him and kept my eye on him all the time just in case he left again. I needed to show him what a good girl I had been since he talked to me on Monday and that I had done as I was told and was breathing much better.

There is talk about doing another trace so that they can decide if I still need that headbox thing at night. Hopefully not as I really hate being sweaty, especially on my face. That's about it for today, more tomorrow.....

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