Monday, 17th December 2001 - Day 123

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Hello again everybody, as you can see from today's pictures I am very much a pretty in pink girl. Today started off quite early with a visit from Daddy, hence the very late nature of this update. He would be no good on a newspaper would he, always going off doing something else, despite my best training regime. It was so cold early this morning that my little headbox thing was all steamed up due to the humidified atmosphere, a bit like a green house really. It was so thick he had to lift the box up even to see me. I had some blood taken first thing this morning and unfortunately the result was not very good, my oxygen and other stuff were a bit off normal. Luckily for me they did another one later on in the day and everything was OK again, so no need for anything new for me. I hardly even stirred from my deep sleep when they took the blood. I think my foot must be numb or my senses do not even register the problem anymore....

During the ward rounds they decided to increase my weeing juice... I was astonished. I am not putting weight on and they want me to wee MORE. How is that going to help me grow !!!! But they say it should help bring my oxygen requirement down so that will be good, as this gale up my nose really makes my whole mouth dry. Still at 750 cc/min, I am afraid. They also did something called an ECG on my heart to see if it was working too hard, with the high oxygen levels that I need. The ECG tickled, I sat in Mummy's arms whilst they put lots of wire all over my body with stickers. Then they had to remove them all, poor me lots of plasters all pulled off at once. It is just good that I am not a hairy little thing !!!!

I have taken to having an extra "Scooby Snack" from Mummy in between meals, and it does not even spoil my appetite so I must still be hungry and have needed it really. I like to take a long slow time over my food with lots of rests.

Do you like my boxing gloves, Mummy puts on my hands to keep them warm, all my pictures look like I have hands the size of saucers, they are not that big really, it is just that my mittens come up to my elbows. At least they do not fall off !!!!

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