Tuesday, 18th December 2001 - Day 124

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Welcome back to another day in the life of "Super Pink Girl" here at Southmead Hospital, Bristol. Mummy tells me it is only 1 week now until Christmas, I am not sure what that means yet but I will soon find out. All the nurses keep talking about it as well, so hopefully it is fun. I wonder if I will get any presents, after all hardly anybody knows me really and most people have only seen me on here.

It has been very busy here today, first of all the doctors have at last decided to increase my feeds, to 180ml per kg per day, which works out at just under 100ml every 4 hours. Mummy came in early and dressed me up in some of my best clothes, ones that Grandma and Grandpa bought me. A pretty little dress, in guess what.... Yes you guessed it PINK. She also put on these white tight things on my legs to keep them warm. Well, nice thought Mum, but using ones that are 0-3 months old seems a little excessive as I am only just about the size of a new born baby. They of course promptly wrinkle up all down my legs, a bit like Nora Batty !!! The dress also comes with matching pants, unfortunately these were also a little on the large size and I could have used them to keep my nipples warm, they were so large....!!! And to round it all off, some little pink shoes to keep my feet warm. However I looked nice so that is most important for Grandma, Grandpa, Auntie Maria and Uncle Colin who all got a cuddle.

One of my neighbours, Georgina, left for home today and sent me a Christmas card. She is so lucky, I cannot wait.

No results yet from yesterdays ECG, so I will just have to keep my fingers crossed that everything is OK. No sign of Daddy but Mummy tells me he is missing me lots.

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