Sunday, 16th December 2001 - Day 122

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Hello again everybody, guess what ? It is my birthday again today. I am 4 whole months old today. How ancient is that, I feel like an old woman now, I hate to think what Mummy feels like and Grandma well.... who knows, but everybody still seems quite big to me so I guess I cannot be that old. However in here compared to everybody else I am an old baby, I see them come and I see them go. The only constants round here are the nurses, Mummy and Daddy and MEEEEEE. I feel like an old hand now who just has to share their knowledge with the others. Luckily I am now in this cot so it makes communication with the other babies a lot easier. When I was in my little room it was a bit like semaphore and I am sure that not everybody could understand me.

Mummy and Daddy came back nice and early today and fed me, I had a lovely feed at lunch time and this evening. Do you like my little pink babygrow ? I love it, especially the little red white and green flowers all over it and now that it fits properly well I do look a picture in it. I spent some of the afternoon asleep and the rest awake playing with my mobile Winnie the Pooh. He is still attached and I have not been able to send him flying yet, Piglet's ears look like they would make a good pair of wings so I will concentrate on him tomorrow.

I was weighed this morning and guess what, I have still not changed my weight since last Sunday and I stuck at 2390 gms or 7lbs 4oz. I will have to have a word with the doctors tomorrow about all this weeing juice they keep giving me and the fact that my feeds were reduced this week. How is a baby expected to grow when you do not feed me enough and make me wee all the time. It also means I sit here in a damp nappy most of the time as I wee so much. Very uncomfortable I must say. You wait till I talk to them tomorrow......!!!!!!

In the afternoon the nurses noticed I was desaturating quite a lot, so they changed my tubes and my monitoring unit and everything is now fine again. The wonders of modern technology cannot beat the trained eye that I looked fine really.

It seems that for a present on my 4 month birth day I have managed to catch a small cold, and spent a lot of this evenings feed sneezing and bunging up my breathing tubes. Mummy and Daddy told the doctor so hopefully they will keep a close eye on me as I could not stand going back on to CPAP if my breathing gets bad. Lets hope it all blows over tomorrow and everything is back to normal.

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