Thursday, 13th September 2001 - Day 28

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I am exactly 4 weeks old today, Mummy says it is hers and Daddy's 4th wedding anniversary as well so it is a double celebration day.

Unfortunately very little has happened to me today, apart from a little excitement in the night when I managed to pull my tubes from my mouth and put a little panic for a few moments into the doctors and nurses, as all the alarms go off around me. Aren't I wicked, I only do it for the attention you know, when I am bored and there are no visitors during the the long dark times.

Today I have been quite stable and quite as the doctors increased my morphine levels again to make sure that I did not catch them out again. This has meant that I have been very sleepy all day. My milk has increased again though and I am now back up to the heady heights of 4ml every 2 hours. I hope my tummy co-operates this time and manages to digest  it quicker than it comes in. The nurses keep turning me round in my little room so I am lying on my tummy for a while and then my back. When I am on my tummy I keep trying to cry out, but nobody seems to notice that I cannot seem to sleep nicely this way round, I screw up my eyes and frown but whenever they come along I have had to relax, as the effort takes a lot out of me.

Daddy watched today as they took some more blood from my heel, everytime they do this it hurts me loads and I make a fuss, but they keep on coming and doing the tests. I promise I will kick them hard when I get a bit bigger and scream out load, when they have remove these tubes. Anyway I am on my second day of Xeroids, I can't say I can see any effect yet but hopefully soon.

Sorry Daddy has not been able to transfer the pictures to the web site today due to technical difficulties. Hopefully he can solve these and fill this page up a bit with with visuals from the "Tail of Abigail, the Little"

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