Wednesday, 12th September 2001 - Day 27

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Welcome back to my progress updates, I know yesterday was a bit down but today the doctors recommended that I should undergo this course of Xeroids they keep talking about, luckily they give this through one of my tubes and I do not have to have it injected each time. The course will last 9 whole days, that is one third of my little lifetime. Lets hope they can help me get off this ventilator as I am sure that Mummy is getting very frustrated at not being able to have a cuddle, I know I am.

They started giving me these Xeroids and I immediately became sleepy, maybe they are giving me a funny turn but since they started that is all I seem to do, sleep and desaturate, sleep and desaturate. Mummy and Grandma came to see me, if Grandpa was there I missed him. Sorry Grandpa but I can only keep my eyes open so long. Daddy came along later after work and saw me still having a few problems with my lungs. He told me not to worry that help was on its way with these new drugs and that I should rest and that Mummy and he would be here as much as possible to see that I was OK. I do think they are both so nice especially with all this trouble and worry I must be causing them. I can't wait to feel them and smell them.

Late today I got a new neighbour for a short time, he arrived in the evening and made such a fuss I desaturated from the shock and noise he made. Luckily the nurse managed to get him in his incubator quickly and this reduced the volume somewhat. When I sneaked a quick look, I nearly fainted. It was like looking at Goliath to my David, he was massive. The nurse told Mummy and Daddy that he was 11lbs 5oz, nearly 10 times my birth weight. He did not stay long though as when I woke up he had gone, obviously into a different special "Giant" incubator somewhere else, or maybe he walked out on his own !!!!

Sorry Daddy has not been able to transfer the pictures to the web site today due to technical difficulties. Hopefully he can solve these and fill this page up a bit with with visuals from the "Tail of Abigail, the Little"

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