Friday, 14th September 2001 - Day 29

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My third day of the xeroids today, I am not sure but I think I feel a little better in my breathing, I still hear the alarms going off all the time so there must be something else going on as well.

(Daddie's note : The alarms go off in both directions Abigail when you are higher than a specified level and below another level, max and min, and sometimes you trip them going up above 96% and othertimes below 88%, or 72% when things are bad. % of saturated oxygen in your blood is being measured).

Auntie Cath visited again today, she keeps telling me I am pretty, what a nice woman, I like her already. Auntie Cath and Mummy stayed a long while and they saw another baby arrive who was born at 30 weeks, the same age as me. When her Mummy comes see her she is very upset at her size, all I can say is that at 3 times my birth weight she can't have too much to worry about and just think what my parents thought when they saw me. However I may be small but I am "perfectly formed" as everybody keeps telling me.

The doctors talked to Mummy and Daddy and gave them an update on my progress, I may get to come off this ventilator and go onto something else at some point soon as my breathing seems to be getting more stable. I am not sure if I like the sound of that it seems a bit like hard work with nothing to push the breathes in for you. But I will try as it seems to mean a lot to everybody and you never know I may like it. They also said that I need to start increasing my weight as this will help me overcome other things that will happen, such as possible infections set backs etc. I think I will go to sleep now as I am tired and they say that this will help me grow more. Just think what it would be like to weigh 1.5 kg like Chloe next door, ahhhhhhh...bliss !!!

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