Thursday, 13th December 2001 - Day 119

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Welcome back again everybody. I can safely say that today has been very uneventful really. I have been dressed up in my little pink outfit that one of Daddy's work colleagues, Gavin, gave me. I think it is great, lovely and warm, easy to get in and out of and the main reason is that it is PINK. I like pink, good job too really as Mummy seems to buy a lot of pink stuff for me. It also means that I definitely  do net get mistaken for a boy. I have also been looking at my new toy, a Winnie the Pooh mobile, it is really good, it turns on its own and plays a tune and best of all it has these nice soft figures of the characters. You can just see it in the picture below. Mummy bought it with vouchers she was given from work, so all I can do is say thank you and assure you that I am already getting a lot of use out of it. I watch the figures and listen to the tune it plays whilst lying in my big cot.

This person came along today and gave me a hearing test. They put wires on my head and watched as they played stuff in my ears. Very odd really, but I got a certificate saying everything was OK, much to Mummy's relief. I would have thought that if I was not hearing things then somebody would have noticed before now.. I am after all nearly 4 months old. At this rate I will be walking out of here. In addition to my hearing test I am also scheduled to have another trace thing done tonight to measure how much oxygen I need, so I will try and be good this time and breath properly, Mummy has been talking to me and telling me how important it is and that I am more likely to come home if I do well. I will try Mummy promise...

Mummy came back in the evening and fed me again just before putting me back in my cot and under my headbox thing. Unfortunately for them I hate the headbox unit as I cannot stretch out in it and I do like stretching my arms out and feeling stuff around me. It is just like a goldfish bowl, but you would not put a goldfish in something this small. I will try and get Daddy to take a picture to show you what I mean. My restlessness got me another couple of cuddles and even some more feed from Mummy so you wait I will use it again....

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