Friday, 14th December 2001 - Day 120

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How bored can a baby get, hardly any visitors today....!!! Mummy had gone to her work Christmas party and so could not come in and see my until later. I had forgotten of course, that she told me this yesterday, and got very fed up and thought that they had both forgotten me. You cannot store many facts in a brain my size all at once, it is as much I can do to remember my last feed let alone what Mummy told me yesterday. After a really long wait, Daddy came in and cuddled me for a short period before he had to go back to work. Unfortunately he is just not the same as Mummy, I cannot feed from him, all he can do is give me stuff that has been frozen. Then I had a nice sleep and later on a few cuddles from the nurses. They all like cuddling me and I have to keep a strict rota of cuddles just to make sure nobody gets too many and seems favored....!!!

My trace from yesterday was much better than the last one I did, but they are going to leave me as is and do another one just to make sure that yesterday was not a fluke. I am sure I will be OK really as I feel better, I was just crotchety at the weekend. I spent a lot of time this afternoon playing with my new mobile toy and listening to it. One of the nurses put it lower down and I was able to reach it and push the toys round on my own, what fun. Daddy has done some good knots because despite my best efforts to launch them into space they stayed firmly attached to the spiny thing. Maybe when I am bigger...

Mummy finally came in this evening and I had a good feed. My exertions of the day, spinning my mobile around, had worn me out and as soon as Daddy tried to wind me over his shoulder I fell fast asleep and that is all I remember of today !!!! Sorry..

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