Wednesday, 12th December 2001 - Day 118

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Hello again everyone, today has been a bit of a trial really. I am now on 4 hourly feeds, this is horrendous how can a girl possibly grow if they do not feed me enough. I now always seem hungry at least 30 minutes if not a whole hour before my next feed is due. When I am fed via a tube I get around 80ml each feed, this may seem like a lot but really is not that much, especially when it is still so important for me to grow. I was weighed again today and have actually lost weight since Sunday....!!!!! They must be giving me too much weeing juice, or it is working too well. I ask you everybody says grow more and I do my best but they keep putting more bricks on top of the wall I am trying to climb... I have not lost much but have not gained anything either. See the weight graph for details.

Mummy and Daddy came in at lunch time and had a talk to the consultant who explained my new care regime, I had a chat to him yesterday and we worked all the problems out, so at least Mummy and Daddy know everything as well now. I was quiet over night in my headbox thing and felt quite good this morning. Mummy fed me this afternoon and then arranged to come back and bath me with Daddy later. The pictures below are hot of the presses and are the uncut version of Mummy bathing me for the very first time. It is only my 3rd bath since August so I do get a little stale. Mummy worried me a lot when she was bathing me as I am used to 2 hands holding me and I did not feel very safe. Mummy said I was fine and she would look after me, but as you can see I was not very happy. I think this may have been due to the fact that I had only just woken up and when they arrived was fast asleep. One of the first things I knew was being completely undressed and being picked up to be put over the bath to wash my hair. I got water in my eyes, my mouth and up my nose......Its a bit of a shock when you are still asleep. I smelt quite nice afterwards though and had a really long feed from Mummy. I drank so much that they spent another 35 minutes trying to wind me, to little effect.

I do not know why but I seem to be getting a lot of wind at the moment, and cannot seem to settle after my meals, I wonder if I am being effected by my inoculations, hopefully it will all calm down soon and I can go back to be a quiet little thing like I used to be.

See you soon, Abigail

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