Saturday, 12th January 2002 - Day 149

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Hello again everybody, I will keep today fairly short as not a lot of any consequence has happened. Over the day I have had 2 feeds direct from Mummy and a lot of cuddles. My nurse Linda is especially good as she sings to me and plays with me a lot as I am now awake for so much of the time that I need the attention and stimulation. It is horrible being left in my little room with only pictures to read and my music box has run out of batteries and does not work at the moment. Hopefully Daddy will bring in some batteries tomorrow and my little stereo will start working again. I like listening to music and singing it takes away the boredom of being here with no one to talk to.

My oxygen levels have been good again all day and hopefully next week I will be allowed to come out into a cot and onto lower oxygen levels as I do not want to stop making progress towards going home with Mummy and Daddy. I hate it when they leave me here to look after myself....

I will leave you with my pictures for today, Abigail the inquisitive baby.... I have been awake for ages today and love looking around me at what's going on in my room, any other room near me. I got a new neighbour today a boy Harvey who look nice... I was told he also had RSV and has been poorly and I have not seen him since before Christmas, so he must be doing OK to...

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