Sunday, 13th January 2002 - Day 150

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Welcome back everybody, I have another quite uneventful day really apart from a very nice visit and cuddle with my Nanny, who came to see me all the way from Cornwall and it was the first time since before I became poorly that she had seen me. I got Mummy and Daddy to dress me up in a nice new pink babygrow which everybody says I look very nice in. What do they expect from a sweet little thing like me who is always sweetness and light...!!!!!! Try and spot my party trick in the pictures below. There are no camera tricks or amendments of the photos in any manner. Answers just for fun to me by e-mail.... Abigail's Party Trick Answers !!!

Today has been another good day of oxygen saturation for me and hopefully Mummy has ensured that I will be talked about in the doctors rounds tomorrow. She wants me back in a cot so that I can be cuddled easily and get more stimulation and also I want to know if the gale up my nose, which is only about 66% of what it used to be but is still quite a lot can be turned down. If it can it is one step closer to going home... Yippee can't wait to see me room with Winnie the Pooh and Tigger tooooooo.

Mummy fed me twice today the first time was when they came in at lunch time. Unfortunately they seem to have forgotten what I taught them a few weeks ago that I need to be fully awake and hungry to feed properly from Mummy. We tried for about 1 hours and when they had left with Nanny I still needed a bit more. However after my 4:30pm feed I slept soundly until they came in this evening to feed me again so that was good, as it means I can annoy the night nurse until at least midnight when I will fall asleep again until morning.... This evening I fed very well from Mummy as I was really hungry and needed a good suckle. It still took an hour but by the end I was just nicely full and ready to drop off to sleep after having a nice play with the nurse. Anyway hopefully we will have more news and a new weight for you all tomorrow, see you then....

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