Friday, 11th January 2002 - Day 148

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Welcome back again Abi fans..... I have had a relatively good day and had lots of cuddles but before I get to that I will tell you about the morning. I had a good sleep last night and for most of the morning apart from when I was weighed. Guess what more weight, I do not know where it goes and i hope it is not on my bottom, but I am now nearly at 4kg, 3956 gms to be precise or 8lbs 12oz. Everybody thinks I am doing well and this Grow More juice they give me definitely does the trick, shame it does not work the same on my head really which is still a little small for my age. Oh well you cannot have everything and I am sure it will catch up with the rest of my body....

Mummy came in nice and early for a cuddle and was told that I was to be put back on 4 hourly feeds which means over 100ml (106mls exactly) per feed which hopefully I will be OK on. I told the nurse that I used to be on 108ml when I was smaller so 106 will be no problem now I am such a big girl. At lunch time Daddy came in for a quick cuddle and play with me before coming back later in the evening when I mistook him for Mummy and tried to get into the position for breast feeding. Sorry Daddy all I can say was that I was half asleep....

I was allowed out of my room for the whole morning while Mummy was here and then all afternoon when my Auntie Cath visited. She was very nice and held me for a while in between Mummy's cuddles and feeds. Unfortunately I was moved a little too quickly after one feed and promptly was sick all over her. How embarrassed can one baby be !!!! Sorry Auntie Cath I will try not to do it again but I could not help it really... Please say you will come again, as I enjoyed my cuddle and we could do it all again.

My new larger feeds have been fine and I was only sick the once when I was moved and I was fed not long after finishing a feed from Mummy. She is getting rwally worried that all I will be doing is feeding. She does not think she could cope with a feed which lasts 2 hours every 4 hours. This would allow her only 1 hours sleep between feeding me, I cannot think why this is a problem, I am the one doing all the work, sucking away !!!!!

Mummy especially likes today's pictures as they are probably the best ones of us both together so far... See what you think..

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