Tuesday, 9th October 2001 - Day 54

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Big News today I am now officially more than 1kg. I am now officially

1080 grams or a whole 2lbs 6oz

Just in time for one of Daddies cousins to visit tomorrow. I cannot wait for the cards and cake Daddy promised me. I have tried so hard to get to the weight, and Daddy told me I was such a clever little girl. Mummy stayed all day again today and I got yet another cuddle from her and she fed me 3 times!  I am now up to 18 ml every two hours or nearly 2 whole syringes. For some reason there seems to be a shortage of 20ml syringes so I get 2 x 10ml ones. Once you have added the Gavi stuff, Electrolytes and special growbag food (EOProtein) it must be a whole 20ml at least, or it seems to be the time it takes to come down the tube.

My Grandma, Grandpa and Auntie Liz came to visit me today, I wore Grandma's dress especially. It is very nice and comfortable, it is not quite the pink that I am used to but it does have some in and I am getting a liking for blue as well. It shows off my nice pink skin colour and Mummy says I look just like an ordinary baby, but smaller.

Daddy managed to get proof that I stick my tongue out all the time, look at the last picture. He must have spent about 15 minutes just touching the end of my tongue and watching me pull it back in. Sometimes he can be very annoying especially when I am trying to sleep, does he not know that I need to sleep to grow more?   I cannot grow if you keep waking me up Daddy !!!!!!! I do understand though, especially when he has not seen me for most of the day and all I do when he does arrive is sleep.

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