Wednesday, 10th October 2001 - Day 55

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Well after the excitement of yesterday's realisation that I am now a proper official Big Girl, the nurses keep saying that I am getting fat. How unfair for such a tiny little thing like me. I would like to see them get into a dress this size. However Mummy told me they were only having a joke so that is OK, I suppose. I had no sign of Daddy at all yesterday, I must have been asleep when he finally came.

Mummy came to the hospital again and stayed all day which I like a lot as we get to talk and she gets to cuddle me which is also fun. In the afternoon my Daddy's cousin and her husband came to visit. They are called Clare and Barry and were very kind and brought me some nice little babygrows, to replace the one I managed to lose. They are a lovely pink colour and I will enjoy wearing them, thank you very much...

During the day I spent a lot of time awake and Mummy manged to get a lot of pictures of me with my eyes open, as you can see, and she especially likes the one of me smiling. Little does she realise the reason I was smiling was because I had just been a little sick and thought it was very funny. The other pictures show some of the funny faces I can pull which seem to amuse her and Daddy so much.  I do not know why as most of the time I only pull them when I am soiling my nappy. We had a very long chat again, when we were having our cuddle, and I told her about the eye doctor coming to look at my eyes and saying that the retinas were OK and that she would come back again soon to have another check. Supposedly they do quite a few eye checks as they may be able to fix things if they are not right, but touch wood everything looks OK at the moment which pleased Mummy.

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