Monday, 8th October 2001 - Day 53

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I have been sleeping again as you can probably tell from my pictures, I am trying to grow as quickly as possible and get to the 1kg target Mummy and Daddy have set me so we can all have a small celebration. Unfortunately I do not know how much I have grown today but I feel bigger and seem to filling this baby grow much more than I used to.

Mummy spent ages at the hospital today and I had a lovely long cuddle. She must have been there for hours as I must have woken up twice and there she was still here from when I went to sleep the first time. I can tell Mummy likes her freedom to drive and visit when she wants as she tells me all about it and how she wants to take me out in the car with her. I hope I do not distract her too much from this driving stuff as I do not want to be the cause of any problems. The doctors have said that when I do get to go home then it will probably be on oxygen, hope that does not mean a CPAP machine and that Mummy and Daddy can cope with it as I do really want to come home and see our house and my room. I wonder what it will be like ?

Daddy then came to visit on his own later and told me Mummy was not feeling to well and was very tired. It must be something to do with all this milk she is trying to express. I hope she gets better soon as I cannot do without her now, I am getting used to our little chats when we cuddle.

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