Sunday, 7th October 2001 - Day 52

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Welcome back to Day 52 of my story, it is becoming quite a novel now so I hope that everybody still likes keeping up the with the "Adventures of Abigail". Any comments then do not forget to e-mail me, use the following link or just the address :-


Mummy and Daddy came to visit me today, twice. The first time they had to leave fairly quickly as one of the other residents had a number of visitors for soemthing somebody called a "Christening". I do not know exactly what that means at the moment but a nice man with white collar said some nice words to the baby and dropped some water on her head. I wonder when Mummy and Daddy will do this for me ?

When they came back later, I was allowed out of my incubator for a cuddle with Mummy. It was not kangaroo, but where I lie in a blanket in Mummy's arms and we have a talk. Well Mummy talks to me and I sleep, with the occasional opening of my eyes to say I am still listening. It is very comfortable and I do like these a lot. I am getting better at not having desats, and Mummy much prefers this as she does not worry about me. I will try and do this more often when Mummy or Daddy cuddles me as we can all benefit, I get longer cuddles and they worry less. Daddy has got me on video cuddling Mummy, I try and hide my face a lot as I really do not like being filmed when I am not at my best. After my feed and being weighed again I was put back in my room and Daddy changed my nappy, which luckily for him was not really very full at all. I have had a good day today, more sleeping and hopefully growing more to get to that 1kg milestone. You can also get a better view of Nanny's dress today in the pictures below.

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