Friday, 9th November 2001 - Day 85

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What has happened today....!!!!! I am not really very sure, not a lot probably apart from sleeping and eating, and eating and sleeping. Mummy obviously has not learned her lesson from yesterday. That to feed me with fresh milk, ABIGAIL NEEDS TO BE AWAKE..... If I am asleep like this afternoon, then nothing happens and Mummy gets frustrated. The rest of the afternoon was spent cuddling Mummy. I have been off my CPAP for so long today that I have nearly forgotten what it feels like and it makes my nose feel so much nicer without it.

I overheard Mummy talking to one of the nurses and they were talking about me going home and also being in a cot rather than a room thingy. I listened very quietly so I could find out stuff and share it with you all. It turns out that I would be in a cot if I did not need the oxygen in my room to breath properly, so I must try harder on the breathing again as progress is only happening very slowly as I am weaned off the CPAP unit. In addition to this one of the key things for me to go home is feeding, I must be feeding properly from Mummy or a bottle to even be considered for going home. Nobody told me this, I would have tried harder before now if I had known. You wait Mummy until next time I promise to try harder to feed properly as I would really like to go home and see my little room.

Later on in the day Mummy and Daddy returned and I had a cuddle with Daddy, these are in the pictures below. Daddy insisted that I put in the second picture to show that I can be like other babies and get upset and cry. The rest of the pictures show my normal "Angelic" nature and good temper. Daddy thought I was just trying to hide the truth from you all. I ask you just look at the other pictures, I am so well behaved........

I have now managed to grow into those baby grows that Daddy's cousing Clare and her husband Barry bought for me and am wearing one in the pictures below. The other one I was put in yesterday evening, but made it wet immediately so had to be put in the other. Thank you again for the lovely babygrows they are really comfortable to wear and nice on my skin.

Well this is the start of my 13th week of life, lets just hope it is lucky for me and nothing untoward happens.

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