Thursday, 8th November 2001 - Day 84

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Well guess what everybody it is my birthday again today........ 12 whole weeks old, it only seems like yesterday when I arrived on the scene to keep you all amused with my tales and antics. I hope you all have enjoyed these last few weeks. I know I have, despite the fact that it has been such hard work at times. As you can see from today's pictures I have been on a plane journey and have been waiting for the in-flight movie to start. My goggles help me sleep better in the bright lights.

When I woke up again, I found I had been dreaming and I was still in my room. The goggles are all to do with the eye test I had today, which according to Karen, the nurse are still OK, which must be a good sign. I had some visitors again today, Auntie Maria and Uncle Colin. They both said I had grown lots and Auntie Maria said I was such a pretty little girl now that they can see me face properly, this pleased me a lot and I could go back to sleep and dream nice pretty girlie thoughts and grow some more. No sign of Daddy though, he must be working.

Mummy and Daddy came back a lot later in the evening and Mummy had me out for a cuddle. During this cuddle she tried to do that suffocating stuff again, but this time I managed to open my mouth properly and have a good suck. I can only say I told you so Mummy, I need to be awake when you do this. Trying to feed me when I am fast asleep does not work. I tried for ages, sucking away but did not get very much. I only have a little mouth and everything seems so big by comparison. However we did get some and Mummy said lots of nice things to me when I did suck properly, I will try harder next time to do better. I think I am getting the hang of what is supposed to happen now. Then I had another cuddle with Daddy which was also very good, but he looked nearly as tired as me, and I sleep all the time. He did tell me about his day at work but I did not have a clue what he is talking about, Double Dutch to me I am afraid.......

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