Saturday, 10th November 2001 - Day 86

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Welcome back everybody, today I am going to keep it short, just so that I do not bore everybody with the same old stuff day after day. So today is going to be a bit different with bullet points and other fun stuff, I think Daddy seems to have foudn a new command on the keyboard !!!!!  :-

Things That Happened Today :-

Mummy and Daddy had a quiet word with the consuktant abouyt my progress today and then came and told me all about it. My main priority is still got to be growing more, I need more length and more weight. Length is especially important as it gives me more room for those lungs of mine to grow and process more oxygen. Then after the growing comes feeding, but that tends to be the last thing to work, breathing off CPAP is more important. He also told them that I would definitely be coming home on oxygen and that I had "moderate" lung damage. How yu defien moderate seems a bit vague, but it is better than heavy lung damage, in which case I could be in here a lot longer. He also said that 6 weeks is still quite a long time and a lot can happen, before Mummy was expecting me to be able to come home. This seemed to reassure Mummy who did not know what to think after her conversation with one of the nurses, and Daddy as well. I will try and be home for Christmas and be a good girl, but they have told me to just take my time and let things get better slowly.

Lots of pictures of me below, asleep and awake, but all off CPAP which is good as it shows my good side off better....

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