Monday, 7th January 2002 - Day 144

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Welcome back everybody. It has been quite an eventful day for me really, Daddy came in early again this morning so probably by the time any of you get to read this it will be a few days late. But oh well, better late than never. daddy saw me playing up for Meena, my nurse, I had been a good girl for most of the night and slept on my low flow. They did not like to wake me when I was so comfortable. But once I woke up that was it I decided that I hated my CPAP and was going to do anything to keep it off my head. Eventually after about 30 minutes of fighting with me she declared a truce and put me back on my low flow. Round 1 to Abigail.....

As you can see later on they must have got it back on when I was fast asleep, but I soon rectified that and became so distressed that they had to take it off again after only 1 hours. Round 2 to Abigail..... This happened again at around 4pm. Round 3 to Abigail.... I win the game and the doctors agree that I can come off CPAP and stay on low flow as long as I am closely monitored on my breathing.....I wonder if this will work with Mummy and Daddy when I am older !!!!!

I was also weighed again today and have managed to put on some more weight and back up to my maximum weight of just under 3400gms or 8lbs 4oz... What a big girl I ma now everybody keeps saying that I am getting back to my old self again. They came along today and stuck a big cotton bud down my throat, this was very uncomfortable but I am told it is necessary to see if I am still infected with RSV... Lets hope not. They also did my daily blood gas and I am told that it is very good and I am showing signs that I might be better than when I felt better before Christmas.

I did not get many cuddles today as the nurses told Mummy that she should wait a little bit more just to be on the safe side, so I have made do with cuddles from my nurses, who seem only to happy to hold me. Poor Mummy I know how she feels as it is not long ago when I was not allowed to be cuddled..

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