Tuesday, 8th January 2002 - Day 145

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Hello again everybody, no Daddy today, so Mummy got a real shock when she came in. There I was all dressed up in my babygrow from Mummy's friends Teresa and Duncan. It is a little big at the moment but gives me room to grow into it. These are the first clothes I have worn since coming down with my cold on Boxing Day. Very happy I feel too as it means that getting me out to cuddle is so much easier and I do not get cold either.

Much to my personal pleasure I have been able to stay completely on Low Flow ever since yesterday evening and spent the whole day on it today as well. My breathing is still OK and does not seem to be too much like hard work, my Oxygen saturations have been 95% or higher all the time, which for some reason the doctors seem to like. I think it is because if they are then they do not have to do anything for me...I had another blood gas taken and it seems to be very good as well, just like yesterday. The only problem with these tests is that I have to have my poor little heal pricked and blood taken. This means that my poor feet look more like pin cushions or drug addicts arms than nice little feet. Luckily I heal quickly and the marks disappear..... Unfortunately yesterdays swabs were not sufficient so they had to start again and do another test. Unfortunately this is positive, but as far as I can tell this means I get to stay in my own room and have a nurse to myself. I hope Tony Blair has deep pockets as I do not think they anticipated a one to one care for me in the budget.... It looks like his may take a while to get rid of... My head got measured today and it is 33.5cm in circumference, this made Mummy wince a bit when she thought of giving birth to me with a big head like that. I have no idea if it is big or small so we will have to wait until somebody tells me.

I managed to have a breast feed from Mummy today which was nice as I have not done that for quite a while. Mummy is now obviously well enough to cuddle me again so I am very pleased about that, as cuddles from Daddy are nice but it is still not Mummy. Whilst I was being cuddled I managed to smile at Mummy when she told me something, it makes my face feel funny, nice but funny so I will have to try and do some more. Grandma and Grandpa also came for a visit today and managed to catch me when I was awake. This is the first time they have seen me awake so I just do not know what they can have been thinking. Does she sleep all the time ? What must be wrong with her ? It is all nothing really and just luck of the draw really, sorry Grandma. Lets hope I am awake next time as well.....

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