Sunday, 6th January 2002 - Day 143

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It is me again everybody, back by popular demand for the latest installment in the "Life and Times (or should it be Tomes now) of Abigail". As you can see from the photos below, Mummy is unfortunately still too ill to hold me so Daddy has had another day of nice long cuddles, or it most cases it is now wriggles with me. He keeps calling me a "real" wriggler, it is not my fault if he does not recognise the signs of a dirty nappy or wind yet. In the evening cuddle I had with him I wriggled and wriggled for the whole cuddle of 1 hours unless he was feeding me from my bottle of Mummy's milk. He seems to enjoy watching me watching him whilst I am sucking on the bottle. I like it too as I feel nice and safe and I know him so well. Well at least I know his voice and the outline of his face and the black bits where his nostrils are... I have been smiling, involuntarily again today when Mummy and Daddy have talked to me. One of them turned into a grin today that took over my whole face and pleased Daddy immensely. I am not sure how to do it at the moment but give me a little more time and we will get there.

My oxygen levels are still at around 35-38% today when I have been on my CPAP unit, but I have also been allowed out for my cuddle ay lunch time on Low Flow again at 750 cc per minute. So at least I am consistent and not getting worse again. Hopefully I will be able to have more time on the Low Flow tubes this week as I seem to be able to cope with it OK and it is much nicer for both me and everybody looking after me. Mummy says she is going to try and get me back in a babygrow tomorrow so make the most of these naked pictures (well nappy and plasters only) as you may not see any more for a while.... I hope she has a few nice new ones for me as I have grown a bit since I last wore clothes.

Mummy keeps saying that I look just like Daddy, I am not sure I can see it myself so answers by e-mail please. I hope it is not too close a resemblance as I do not want to look like a boy. I will have to make sure that I get lots of pink clothes to wear so I do not look like a boy. Blond hair would also be nice Mummy, do you have any dye ?????

Anyway I will see you all tomorrow, unless Daddy has to go back to work. He may have told me earlier but I cannot remember.... I was nearly asleep at the time.

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