Monday, 3rd December 2001 - Day 109

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I am sorry that I am boring everybody out there with my short little tales of the life of Abigail. I have decided that to do this everyday now that I am older and such a big lump that maybe twice a week would be a better frequency. Things do not happen as quickly to me now as they used to when I was a tiny scrap of a thing and I struggle to think of new things that have happened, my scribe goes who with only a few notes and then converts them into this. I do not want people to get bored and not visit at all but please tell me what you think. The main things that happen now are that I get visitors who can now cuddle me and touch me as well as Mummy and Daddy. I am not completely sure about this myself but everybody else seems quite happy about it and I know it gives them a lot of pleasure so I won't complain too much. However if there is a public outcry I will of course continue with the daily updates if you want. So any thoughts just e-mail me, using this link.

Abi's Snail Mail - Daddy has to download it and then come in and tell me.

Today very little has happened to me apart from the fact that the Doctors have reduced my weeing juice by half. They will have to watch my weight as you all know what happened last time. I turned into a Michelin Girl, Daddy says it is something to do with tyres, which confuses me a little but I am sure I will find out eventually. Otherwise Mummy and Daddy visited at lunch time, when I had another good feed, 3 courses this time. A small entrée, followed by a little winding, a large main course followed by a large wind and a quick sleep and a medium dessert followed by yet more wind from both ends. Daddy says if I get any more wind they will set up a small fan in the back garden and we can supply electricity to the house.... I ask you it is not my fault, Mummy is the one giving me the stuff that causes it and in a manner which promotes me sucking down lots of air into my tummy. You would have thought that Mummy's would come with a built in tube which they could plug the baby in to and just transfer food across, a bit like in flight refuelling really but better .... In the evening Mummy had a good go at suffocating me again, as I was fast asleep and she tried to shove something in my mouth. By the time I woke up it had gone away and I was being cuddled by Daddy. Will she ever learn, awake is good, asleep is bad....how hard can it be. I've got it and I am only little.

Don't forget vote for the Abi Daily News if you want more every day, or The Abi Periodical if you only require regular updates twice a week. Looking at yesterdays and todays pictures maybe I should ask for sponsorship, we could buy Daddy a new t-shirt.....

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