Sunday, 2nd December 2001 - Day 108

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Welcome back again everyone. Today has been another good day for me as I seem to be getting the hang of the feeding direct from Mummy as I have now managed to do 2 whole feeds from Mummy 2 days one after another. Mummy seems very happy so lets hope I can keep it up. I now manage to get all my feed from Mummy and do not get extra down my tube. As you can see in the pictures I heard Mummy coming and quickly pulled out my feed tube so we can do things properly. If I have it in, Mummy's milk dribbles all down my chin which tickles a lot.

Today was not so bad as yesterday for playing pass the parcel, but Mummy and Daddy do it all the time. When Daddy goes back to work it will be better as I only get held by one person at a time. I go to sleep and can never be sure who I will be looking at when I wake up, very confusing.

As you can see from the pictures of today I have been practicing my party trick. It makes my nose seem a little big though from where I am lying and Daddy tells me to stop it all the time so I will practice some more so I can carry on getting the attention from him. In addition to my party trick there are pictures of me being winded, I get lots of wind (Daddy's note : From both ends) and need to be regularly patted on the back to get rid of it, this is especially true when I feed from Mummy as I suck in so much air after half a feed I am full and need winding. Mummy better watch out though as one day I will be sick all down her back........

Mummy also brought in a new babygrow for me to wear, pink with little flowers on and a collar, very fetching. I now seem to have got big enough to start wearing the bigger clothes. I was weighed again today and am now 2974 gms (nearly 3kg, what a clever little thing I must be) which is 6lbs 9oz for everybody else. I hope Mummy and Daddy are proud of me as it takes a lot of effort to keep this growing lark up. I have been at it for so long I cannot remember when I started.

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