Tuesday, 4th December 2001 - Day 110

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Daddy turned up early again today, he is off to work so my scribe runs away again. Mummy is also no good she does not know how to create these pages so it is no use dictating what I want her to put on it. He will be back later in the week so I suppose I shall have to wait until then to update all you Abi fans out there. I just cannot think where his priorities lie, are they to me and my website or work ........ Poor me no seeing Daddy for a few day or 2 and no nice warm cuddles.

Mummy arrived a bit later in the day and changed my nappy prior to feeding me. I thought I would play one of my tricks on her as I have not done one for a while, she took my nappy off and then pulled my legs in the air, and I made a great big fart which gave Mummy a real shock. After I was changed I fed really well from Mummy and had a real fill of milk. Mummy talked to the nurse and she told her that the doctors think that they could take me out of my room and put me in a cot like all the other babies. To do that they need to find a portable humidifier to pipe damp oxygen to me instead of that very dry gale they currently blow up my nose. It is like trying to breath in a force 8 gale.... It dries my lungs out completely and is not very nice at all. I hope they can find one as I can now touch both sides of my room at the same time, and it is getting a little claustrophobic in here.... I just want to be like any other baby really.

Mummy told me she had given approval to have my immunisations, what ever they are. She told me they might hurt, I hope not as I have really had enough of needles for a life time. Anyway they will probably do they fairly soon, as I already 8 weeks past when they normally give they to new born babies, and I assume they are important.

It looks like somebody else is interested in my case, one of a group of student doctors asked if she could use me in her study on respiratory problems. Mummy told her all about her illness and all the drugs and things that had happened to me. Doctor Duncan, who delivered me pop in to see how I was getting on, he is till following my progress and wants to make sure he is around when I get to go home. He is so tall that I would probably still fit in one of his shoes anyway he won't have a problem seeing me from behind all the nurses when I leave so that will be OK.

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