Thursday, 1st November 2001 - Day 77

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Happy birthday to me again, happy birthday to me, happy birthday Little Abigail, happy birthday to me. Today I am 11 weeks old and beginning to look like a proper sized baby. I am still only 3lbs 13 ozs, but fast approaching that magic 4lbs and then onto 2kg which will both be really special days. Mummy and Daddy told me they are so proud of me that it seems worth all the effort that I go to everyday in growing and resting. Due to all this effort I ma now on 29mls every 2 hours which works out at 348 ml per day, or more than a can of Coke and much nicer to, apart from when they put salt in it. Yuck.......!!!!!

I had 4 visitors today, my Auntie Cath and Uncle Chris and my two twin cousins Jonathan and Colin. Both of the boys looked nice to me, especially good for playing with when I get out of here and am big enough to play properly with toys and stuff like that. That reminds me, Mummy has not brought my toys back in for me to look at and I miss them a lot. Luckily Mummy told me that they were all safely at home looking after my room until I get there. Auntie Cath said that I was now massive compared to when she last saw me and that I was making such good progress and that my nipples were now very visible compared to her last visit 4 weeks ago when they did not exist. Thank you for visiting me as I really do appreciate it and really like my new toy, a small Little Miss Sunshine, which attaches to the outside wall of my room for me to look at. I cannot really see it properly yet but hopefully soon, but I do know it is there and everybody else can imagine what it looks like.

I have spent quite long periods today off my CPAP, with 3 hours off on incubator oxygen and 6 hours on CPAP. I seem to be a bit better at than yesterday and now get really stroppy when they try and put it back on. So much so that early in the morning yesterday the nurse gave up trying to put it back on and left me off for another hour. Serves her right for trying to sneak up on me when I was asleep.

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