Friday, 2nd November 2001 - Day 78

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Welcome back again, as you can see from the pictures below I have been allowed for another cuddle without my horrible oxygen mask on. It is bad enough having that tube blowing over my face but I am getting more and more fed up with the CPAP mask. I have had 2 cuddles today, both with no mask, one with Mummy and another with Daddy. They were great fun. I gurgle, smile and make funny noises and they talk drivel at me for an hour or so. They tell me all sorts of stuff about 5 times for every one thing they say and keep saying I am such a cute little thing. I think this baby lark has addled their brains, and all they can see is that I am cute, even if I pull horrible faces, go bright red and make silly noises. It must be because they are parents as they all seem to do it in the room, not just mine.

When Mummy arrived at lunch time I was having a funny five minutes. The nurses had taken me off my CPAP for 2 hours and then decided that my heart rate had gone up to much and tried to put the mask back on..... This made me very annoyed and I struggled and wriggled around my room, trying to get it back off again. And during this I cried loads and loads, so much so my eyes watered. The nurses decided, after this had gone on for around half an hour and having changed my nappy and fed me, that maybe coming out for a cuddle with Mummy would shut me up. Sure enough as soon as I came out for a cuddle with Mummy and off the CPAP I was fine again. The pictures were taken at this time and as you can see "Butter would not melt" in here. However I have now learned exactly how to get my own way, we will see if I can make it work again...sometime. I do not want to use this too much as they might catch on.

When Daddy came in for the evening cuddle, I was fast asleep but that did not stop him and he made the nurse get me out for a quick cuddle, the first thing I see is Daddy looking down at me and air being blown up my nose. I was fast asleep !!!!! I hope Mummy does not allow this when they take me home to my Winie the Pooh room.

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